You have decided to have a professional check‐up. Now you should choose a clinic with a state‐of‐the‐art scientific background that provides the utmost in medical competence and excellency (evidence‐based medicine).

The concept of the EUROPEAN PREVENTION CENTER is unique, being not only a single, individual summary of components but an evidence‐based reflection of the whole physical anatomy and function. A complete preventive medical perspective of the individual state of health is the result.

Three major diagnostic issues are the focus:

1. General health
…using high‐end ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and, if necessary and indicated, multidetector computed tomography (MDCT)

2. Fitness assessment
… with functional tests to determine fitness levels, based on impedance analyses and ergospirometry

3. Laboratory analyses
…for measurement of potential risk factors incl. emerging risk factors.

Using this concept, preclinical changes can be detected prior to hospital admission, or can be excluded, respectively. The information obtained from such check‐ups is used as a fundamental basis for individual lifestyle coaching (physical activity, nutrition, balance).

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EPC Product Portfolio


Our Service, Your Gain

One day in the EPC. In one compact day, our clients undergo a comprehensive full health check-up at one place.

Medical specialists. The check-up program is executed exclusively by specialised physicians.
Scientifically established examinations on university-level. The EPC check-up program covers a number of diagnostic components which have been chosen on the basis of medical and scientific guidelines (evidence-based medicine).

Modern equipment. The EPC uses most modern high-tech diagnostic equipment (high-end ultrasonic, MRI, CT if indicated).

Interdisciplinary analysis. The preventive medical specialist (internist / cardiologist) coordinates the individual examinations by an interdisciplinary team (f.e. radiologists) and integrates the individual findings into an appropriate context to obtain a comprehensive holistic finding.

Advice. The findings are presented to the client. Comprehensive medical lifestyle counseling (physical activity, nutrition, relaxation) is also provided, based on the diagnostic findings. If there are any clinically relevant findings, we help the client to obtain further, optimised treatments.

Service / Ambiance. EPC provides each client with a personal lounge, equipped with en-suite bathroom, TV, PC and Internet connection, turning the visit into a pleasant stay.

Check-up dossier. A result including all findings, an extensive, comprehensible medical report, a CD-ROM of the diagnostic imaging-material and recommendations for lifestyle counseling will be posted to the client.

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